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We are looking for full stack engineers to build, test and maintain a revolutionary new platform. You will be working with leading academics in the field to deliver a game changing new service.





What You’ll Do

  • Make some really cool stuff happen.

  • That is literally all we are allowed to say at the moment - but just trust us when we say it's cool. Doctors are a real hard bunch to impress, and even they're frothing at the mouth when they see what we're up to.

  • You'll need to be proficient in the full stack of programming languages.

  • You'll need to be passionate and self-motivated.

  • We want you to have ideas. Lots and lots of ideas. We want you to have fun realising those ideas.

  • You'll have to be prepared to look deep within yourself and work like you've never worked before.

Who You are

  • Fun.

  • Intelligent.

  • Dream big, and are not afraid of failing in order to get achieve them.

  • Understand that one human life is the equivalent of all of humanity.

  • A really good egg, underneath it all.

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