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The world's smallest Doctor's Clinic.

Meet Hippocrates.

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One device, that can do everything your Doctor can.

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See your Doctor from your bed. Or kitchen. Or garage.

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Make your living room the next waiting room.

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Designed by a Doctor. Made for people.

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My name is Dr Imran Haq, and I'm a Consultant Surgeon working in the NHS.

I wanted to make healthcare easier, quicker and safer for patients, and that's why I came up with Hippocrates - a Doctor's Clinic in your own home.

Your Hippocrates will connect you to virtual GP services with real-time clinical information, resulting in the safest possible consultation.

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Klara O, Student

"I was worried about my Mum during COVID, and bought her so many machines to measure her heart rate and breathing, but she found them so confusing. This prototype Hippocrates Health Station changed all that and was so easy for her to use - with no wires!"

Dr Laura Smith, GP

"I don't say things are game-changing that often, but this really is. It's wonderful to be able to measure a patient's health information and give a clinical decision based on this, rather than blindly like we have to do now."

Dr. James Stanton, GP

"Honestly blown away at how easy to use this is, and can't wait for the full platform to be up and running. I really hope people get behind Imran and his team, and I'd love to be one of the first Doctor's on this platform!"

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